Setting up to record a live show at Shetland Folk Festival 2017

Setting up to record a live show at Shetland Folk Festival 2017


We have a high quality mobile recording rig, able to record up to 16 channels at 192kHz/24bit fidelity into Pro Tools.

We are able to come and multitrack record a show or session that you have, and with a great selection of microphones at our disposal as well we can come and record on location for you.


James Riley for Woodburner TV

Recorded and Produced by Alastair Caplin for Ord Ban Music


With many years experience mixing all kinds of music, from folk ensembles and rock bands to full orchestras, and with the industry’s top equipment and software to hand, Ord Ban Music can take your recordings and make them sound absolutely wonderful to the highest of standards.

You can send your recordings online or bring them in person if you’d like to be involved in the mixing process, whether they’re from a studio or live recordings, We will always make all the preferential tweaks that you need before handing you your finished mixes.


Mastering is the both the final polishing on your tracks, and also the extra magic to make your listeners really live and feel your music. This is why it’s important to have it done by someone who’s both very competent with the technical side of the process and also is able to understand your intentions musically.

Ord Ban Music is able to offer you all of this experience and expertise, backed up with a phenomenal rack of mastering-specific software to eek out every bit of goodness from your music.

We also have the facilities to make your album ready for CD production by creating the CD Master (DDP image) along with the relavent metadata, all ready to be sent off to print.


If you’ve got the bones of your recordings or tracks down in your mind, but aren’t quite sure how to take them forward into a full production, or if you’re looking for some fresh opinion and direction on material that you’ve lost perspective on, then this is something you should definitely consider.

With years of experience writing, producing, and performing in many styles and genres - a production arrangement with Ord Ban Music will help you realise the dream that your music has for you.

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